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Kindergarten Classroom

Your Local Montessori Early Learning Centre in Kellyville and Stanhope Gardens

As a Montessori daycare and early learning centre, we at Climbing Ladders are driven by a passion for providing exceptional preschool education. Our approach is based on the pillars of The Early Years Learning Framework, National Quality Standards, and The Montessori Method of Education. Our core Principle Ladders form the very essence of our Learning Spaces, ensuring that each child's journey with us is enriching and nurturing.

Building a Strong Foundation for Lifelong Learning

At our early education Montessori centre, we recognise the importance of the formative years from birth to six and the critical transition to school. Through The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF), we guarantee that every child at Climbing Ladders experiences high-quality teaching and learning. 


Our program emphasises play-based learning while recognising the importance of communication, language, social and emotional development. Meanwhile, our reading program is the highlight of developing children’s entry to early literacy development.


Excellence Across Seven Quality Areas

Our pursuit of excellence in childcare, categorised into seven quality areas, sets us apart from other Montessori early education centres in New South Wales. These quality areas include:

  • Educational program and practice

  • Children’s health and safety

  • The physical environment

  • Staffing arrangements

  • Relationships with children

  • Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

  • Governance and leadership


Inspiring Children Through the Montessori Method

The Montessori curriculum at Climbing Ladders is designed to provide a well-rounded educational experience that addresses the unique developmental needs and interests of each child. We have carefully crafted five key learning areas that form the foundation of our curriculum:

Practical Life

Through practical, real-life activities, children learn essential skills such as caring for themselves, taking care of the environment and practising independence. These activities lay the groundwork for building confidence and responsibility.


Our curriculum integrates activities that engage the senses, allowing children to explore the world around them through touch, sight, sound, taste and smell. This hands-on approach enhances their sensory perception, spatial awareness and fine motor skills.


Equipping children with a strong mathematical foundation is a priority at Climbing Ladders. Our Montessori-based math activities enable children to develop numerical concepts, problem-solving skills, and logical thinking abilities. The use of concrete materials and manipulatives makes learning enjoyable and engaging.


Language development is crucial during a child’s early years, and our curriculum places great emphasis on cultivating strong communication skills. Through language-rich environments, storytelling, phonics exercises, and vocabulary-building activities, children gain confidence in expressing themselves and developing exceptional language abilities.


At Climbing Ladders, we believe in promoting cultural understanding and appreciation. Our Montessori preschool curriculum embraces diversity by incorporating subjects such as geography, history, music, art, and traditions from around the world. This exposure helps children develop global perspectives and respect for different cultures and environments.

A Day at Climbing Ladders

At Climbing Ladders, family input, individual and group interests of the children, educator-led initiatives and hands-on experiences intersect with our core principles. This synergy crafts a dynamic program designed to ignite curiosity, creativity and a love for learning every single day.

Enroll Now

If you’re looking for a reputable children’s Montessori centre in Stanhope Gardens, North Kellyville or South Wentworthville, look no further than Climbing Ladders! Get in touch today to book an in-person tour and discover how our nurturing environment, innovative programs, and dedicated team can empower your child to thrive academically, socially and beyond. 


Can't visit us in person just yet? Take a virtual tour from the comfort of your home and discover the wonder that awaits your child at Climbing Ladders. 

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