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Our Team

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Our Commitment Statement

Our commitment is to make learning fun, hands-on and contagious, enlightening each child’s and educator’s spark while building open and trusting relationships with our children, families and the wider community.

The Image of the Child:
We believe in each child’s uniqueness and potential, recognising that all children need time and opportunity to enjoy their childhood. Thus, we strive to provide them with an environment that will encourage and enhance lifelong, self-learning.

Educators will honour their right to play and strive to empower children, hearing and using their voices, thoughts and ideas throughout the service. We will focus on building confident children, celebrating their strengths and abilities, enabling a sense of wellbeing and belonging. We will invite children to participate in risk-taking and challenging opportunities essential for developing life skills.

Committed to Families:
We believe strong collaborative partnerships are the best way to enhance and achieve positive outcomes for children and families. Therefore, we will always actively strive to engage in opportunities that contribute to developing secure and respectful relationships with families. We see this as an essential link to children’s development and wellbeing.

We will be sensitive to, and acknowledge each family’s culture, heritage, customs and beliefs. We will understand the uniqueness of each family, their rights to make decisions and have an input within the Centre. We will celebrate the inclusion and support the many different cultures and diverse contributions made.

Role of The Environment:
We believe in the importance of developing a sustainable future for all. Looking after our environment today is vital for our children tomorrow, therefore we will work collaboratively to develop, embed and maintain effective sustainable practices across the Service.

We commit to reduce the use of plastic as much as we possibly can by using recycle and wood through out the Centre. We will encourage children to have hands-on connections with nature through our natural play spaces and learning materials. This in turn will help them develop an understanding and love for nature.

Community Connections:
We believe it is integral in maintaining a professional service that is ethical, honest, inclusive, responsive and reliable. Therefore, we operate within guidelines, developing partnerships with community, local council and other agencies.

Inspired Learning Processes:
Our teaching practices are inspired by The Early Years Learning Framework, The Montessori Method of Education and Reggio Emillia Philosophy where the learning environment is seen as the third teacher provoking curiosity and wonder, enabling children to explore, investigate and test out their own working theories.

We believe in lifelong learning and engagement of reflection. Therefore, we actively seek knowledge and share knowledge, implementing a variety of strategies for reflection, continuous improvement and innovation.

Children are Connected:
Children excel when they feel a sense of connection to learning. We believe that child-led play and exploration are vitally important to facilitate a holistic approach for learning. Therefore, we incorporate observations, learning assessments, analysis of learning, scaffolding, planning and critical reflection guided by the approved frameworks, into our daily practices and program.

We aim to provide environments that are challenging yet safe that allow children to take risks, promoting child-led investigations and inquiry.

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